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Dads Socks

Dads Socks

A pair of socks for my dad.

Cast on 48 sts. Knit 5 rounds 1x1 rib.

Begin eye of partridge heel on 24 sts:

Row 1: (right side) {Sl1, K1}, repeat across, ending with K1.
Row 2: and all even rows: Sl1, Purl across row.
Row 3: Sl2, {K1, Sl1}across row ending with K2.
Row 4: repeat Row 2.

…until heel flap is 2.75 inches long, ending with a Row 4.

Turn heel as per French heel (on 24 sts) on sockknitters site:

Row 1: Slip 1, Knit 13, SSK, K1, turn
Row 2: Slip 1, Purl 5, P2tog, P1, turn
Row 3: Slip 1, Knit 6, SSK, K1, turn
Row 4: Slip 1, Purl 7, P2tog, P1, turn
Row 5: Slip 1, Knit 8, SSK, K1, turn
continue in this manner until all stitches have been worked.
Final row: Slip 1, knit across

Pick up 18 gusset stitches on each side of heel flap.

Decrease on either side of gusset every second round until back to 48 sts. Knit until sock measures 8.25” from where stitches were picked up.

Decrease toe by K2tog, K1, K1, SSK on either side of sock, every second round. Graft once down to 16 sts.