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Noro Scarf

Noro Scarf

  • Pattern: Talvi Scarf

  • Yarn: 2 skeins Noro Silk Garden, colour 258

  • Needles: 4.5 mm (used KnitPicks wooden straights)

  • Size: 78" long and 4" wide

  • Modifications:

    • Knit two strips instead of three, to make it narrower and longer.

    • The pattern has you make a slipped stitch edge on the outside of strip 3 (I only knit strips 1 & 3) but I couldn't see any need for it, so I just knit that stitch instead of slipping it purl-wise.

    • I used two skeins of the same colourway, and just knit them as they came.  Since the skeins started at a different point in the repeat, the colours never went side by side except for a wee bit of orange.

    • There was a knot in one of the skeins, where the colour repeat took a jump.  I'll let you figure out where that was! I just went with it.

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