> Completed Projects 2007

First Ear Cozies Hat of 2007!
Heat Pack (sewn)
Snow Country Mitts, Ladies Size
Skacel Excellent Sweater
White Buffalo Mitts
Ballband Dishcloth
Little Dudette
Ear Cozies Hat
Smaller Ballband Dishcloth
Little Dude Doll #2
Green KoolAid Dyed Yarn
Blue Mitts
Blueberry Twist Yarn
Warm Green Fuzzy Socks
Opera Bag
4 Corners Dishcloth
Patons Upside-Downers Sweater
Huggable Hedgehog
Green Toque
Red Socks
Shopping Bag
Patons SWS Tam
Thrum Mittens
Hedgie 2
Orange and purple beanie
Accidental Baby Hat
Thrum Mittens
Simple Baby Hat
Bias Knit Purse
August Ear Cozies
Black Snow Country Mitts
Top Down Jacket
Origami Bag
Sea Lettuce Scarf
Silver Knitted Wire Bracelet
Yarn Harlot's Ken's Dulaan Hat
Copper Knitted Bracelet
Quick 1 Skein Scarf
Tam #2
Pink cabled Preemie Hat
Baby Blue Preemie-Sized Ear Cozies
Yet another knitted bracelet!
A simple toque
Mock Cable Baby Hat
Felted Clogs
Pink Hedgie
Silver beaded bracelet
Wine Bottle Cozy
Chocolate Brown Ear Cozies Hat