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Tiny Sweater

Tiny Sweater

A teensy tiny sweater to be hung on my tree as an ornament this year! I made one mitten to match, but decided the pattern stitches weren't worth the trouble and didn't make the other. The pattern is from the 1996 knitlist gift list (click here).

Tinysweater_back_2It's got a little more style than the typical, knit-in-one piece ornament sweaters because you actually knit four tiny little pieces and sew them together, just like a real sweater! Very time consuming for me, especially since I used smaller yarn and needles than the pattern calls for. But so cute, it was worth the effort!

The yarn is Neveda "Misty" (I've never heard of it - just found a ball in a bag of assorted pink yarn at the Salvation Army), a super soft, mohair-look acrylic & nylon yarn. It worked very well (if I ignore the splitting as I tried to thread my yarn through the stitches of that tiny mitten)!