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Resurrected Mitts

Resurrected Mitts

I finally got up the gumption to finish the other purple mitten. It turns out that they fit DH really well, and he's thrilled to have them! They were knit with a double strand of Briggs & Little Regal wool in Lilac on 5mm metal straights using this pattern from Bev's Country Cottage. I knit as per the pattern instructions and found that with the double strand they came out as a men's large. No need to add extra stitches for a man as the pattern states. If you wanted these for a woman, you'd have to knit them single stranded or reduce the stitches.

After knitting and sewing, I soaked them Eucalan and warm water and roughed them up between my palms to make the hard and scratchy wool a little fluffier and softer.