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Pumpkin Ornament

Pumpkin Ornament

A little knit pumpkin, using this pattern. I knit one of these last year and was unhappy with the way it looked at the spots where I picked up my short rows, halfway through each section. I tried and tried to find a neater way when I attempted it this year, with no luck! So I knit it as is, without thinking, just to get it done.

This one was knit with Phentex Merit acrylic (an inexpensive worsted weight yarn - only 97 cents!) on 3.5mm needles. For the stem I used dpns and some scrap camouflage print acrylic that I had in my stash.

The pumpkin is quite small - easily fits in the palm of your hand. The size of a small apple, I'd say! It's a pretty fun and fast little project. Anyone who is familiar with short rows should be able to do a much better job than I did at neatening up the center "seam".