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Homespun Baby Blankie

Homespun Baby Blankie

I made this simple little blanket using Lion Brand's Homespun yarn and the diagonal baby blanket pattern from their website.

I wanted it to be just the right size to lay over a car seat or stroller without having it drag on the floor & get caught in the wheels, so I used two skeins instead of three. Simply knit it bigger and bigger until one skein ran out (101 sts) and then used the second skein to do the other half. Used 8mm needles throughout and it turned out to be about 27x27 inches (68x68cm) - the perfect size for what I was going for.

The "Corinthian" colourway isn't quite what I was expecting when I saw the yarn in the skein. I didn't realize that the green (my favorite part) would only appear periodically to make stripes, and that orange would turn out to be a dominant colour. I thought it was all one colour mix throughout. Still, it has turned out to be a neat colourway for making a unisex baby item that won't show dirt, and I kind of like the stripes.

I washed and dried it as per instructions and found that the yarn matted a titch. Not sure if this is because of our hard water or if it's just what Homespun does, but I was a little disappointed because it is going to be a gift. Next time I won't wash it before giving it away, or perhaps I'll try some water softener or fabric softener with the load.