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Handspun yarn hat

Handspun yarn hat

My very first handspun yarn (also hand washed, hand carded, hand everything, by yours truly), knit up into a hat!

My first hand spunI totally made up the hat as I went along. Ended up casting 60 stitches onto 8mm (US11) Denise needles and knitting until it looked tall enough. Then borrowed the instructions for the centre of the Weekend Knitting flower washcloth to make the top flat. It seems to have worked! This also marks the first photo of myself in this gallery, I do believe. Maybe even in my entire blog. It seems appropriate in this case!

To the left you can see the yarn all skeined up. The most typical beginner handspun you'll ever see! It has beautiful brown and silver fibres in it - I think the sheep was a Corriedale. I really did start with a fleece right off the sheep (this was part of my Beginner Spinning class), learned all the steps by doing them myself, and became addicted to spinning before I was done!