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Flower washcloth

Flower washcloth

Waaay behind the pack as usual, I finally knit up one of the flower washcloths from Weekend Knitting. Used Colinette chenille that was on sale at a LYS. BAD stuff. Leaked dye so badly it turned the boys' bathwater pink! But the washcloth itself is quite cute. I'll knit more, but with NuMei chenille next time, which I've since ordered from the US because it's so darn inexpensive (even after exchange & shipping).

Anyhow, back to this washcloth. I didn't really enjoy knitting it for some reason. But when I washed my face with that soft chenille, it felt so much more luxurious than terrycloth that I was sold. And it looks infinitely prettier than a boring ol' square washcloth. So pretty that I've even put it under a vase for decoration when I'm not using it in the bathroom.