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Chocolate Cinnamon Buns, March 7

Chocolate Cinnamon Buns, March 7

March 07, 2013

There really is no attractive way to photograph chocolate cinnamon buns. Even in the recipe book these came from, the photographers chose pictures of the non-chocolate variation, even though the actual recipe was for the chocolate ones! Suffice to say they taste about 1000 times better than they look.

Recipe is from the Canadian Living Baking Book, pages 234-5. It can also be found on their website here. I made this batch with 100% whole wheat flour, freshly ground, instead of white. Turned out just fine. I used semi-sweet chocolate chips for the chocolate chunks and walnuts for the nuts. These are a family favorite.

I find that if baked in a glass pan, the buns will rise unevenly in the oven. Some of the centres will pop right up and out of the bun! So I use a metal pan and then invert them into my glass one after baking (the glass one has a lid so it's better for storage).