Zoku Recipes

  • Chocolate Shell Sauce Recipe
    This recipe uses butter instead of coconut oil. Makes a nice, thick coating that freezes hard.
  • Super Simple Nutella Ice Cream
    This one did NOT work. Was too thick and would not stick to the zoku sticks. Had to eat it out of the pop maker with a spoon (couldn't let it go to waste)!
  • SunRype Juice
    100% juice juiceboxes make great, easy pops. Use two different flavours to make stripes.
  • Lucerne 2% Chocolate Milk
    Easiest pops ever and tastes just like a fudgsicle! Even better if dipped in homemade magic shell sauce.
  • Lemon Buttermilk Sorbet
    This takes a bit of prep but is amazing in the Zoku. The lemon and buttermilk combo is delicious. Can add thin slices of lemon to the side. Recipe makes enough for about 12 pops total.
  • Chocolate Pudding Pops
    This recipe makes a thin chocolate pudding that works great in the Zoku. Be careful pouring it in as it will fill one side before the other. Makes enough for 12 pops (done over 2 nights). The pudding is very sweet but once frozen tastes just right.


Thank you for the pattern. As soon as i saw it and the yarn i had to have both. Found some lovely handmaiden in Hemlock color. Been knitting all evening. It is so easy and so gorgeous. I did mess up a few times on the stitches and rows, but nobody will notice...i hope... I only have on hank of the color and i increased the stitches to 36 since the 26 stitches seemed a bit puney at the start. Now i wonder if the scarf is still going to be long enough. Either way, it is just beautiful. Thanks.

Thank you for creating this pattern. A dear friend made this for me and I've loved every moment of wearing it!

going to cast on right now!!!!
thank you so much for this awesome pattern!

This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing~

Problems solved ;) !

Amelie, the same problems disturbed me here too. I just cant find it out, how I could keep the 26 stiches, because, when I drop them, then I have just 9 ???!!! I cant continue the knitting with only 9 stiches.
I'm getting fell so stupid, because everybody says, how easy is this pattern and I cant make it :( . Somebody please help me!

Greatings from Hungary! :)

Gorgeous! What a beautiful stitch pattern. I'm an editor for FaveCrafts.com, and I took the liberty of linking to your blog from my roundup blog post of free scarf knitting patterns. You can check it out here: http://www.favecraftsblog.com/link-love-free-scarf-knitting-patterns-part-1

Hi, I just started knitting not long ago and I fell in love with your pattern when I saw it on Ravelry! I'm really sorry if the following question sounds stupid, but I'm having some trouble understanding the pattern--I am counting the stitches, and I don't get how I am supposed to repeat the pattern between the ** twice on Row 1 and 3 times on Row 5. I have 26 stitches cast on.

Thanks in advance, and sorry again for asking a dumb question.

This is beautiful! A friend sent me this link, and I'm glad! I'm new to knitting, so it'll be a little bit before I attempt this, but I can't wait until I finally can. Thank you for sharing this, and for free nonetheless!

Me gustaria tener el patron en español, me lo podrias enviar por favor? Gracias!
I need this pattern in spanish because my english isn't quite good. Can somebosy send to me? Thank you!

I'm working on this scarf too, mine is in plain clours, but I love it in varigated. I sense another project getting started :)

Great pattern...can I ask how wide and long your scarf is?

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely patterns. I am working on Lizard Ridge and will al do the Easy Drop Stitch Scarf pattern. Blessings.

Helen Jean

a wonderfull scarf, thank you for the pattern.

best wishes

love your work !! wondering if you can make 100 customized knitting projects ?..please reply back to r.berger@telus.net thankyou


Getting stuck on Row 5 is a common error. The trick here is that on this row you actually do the repeat THREE times, not two. That should make it work out just right!

Hello. Thanks for posting your beautiful scarf and pattern. I have a question about
row 5. The repeated pattern is 10 stitches; the remaining stitches on the row are K1, and then you end with a K1. That yields a total of 22 stitches, but there are 26 stitches on the needle. Please help me solve what I should do w the remaining 4 stitches on the row. Thanks very much for your time!

lets hope i can fathom this out as it looks terrific thanks for sharing

Gracias por tu página, me puedes hacer favor de enviarme la puntada de esta bufanda pero en español, te lo voy a agradecer mucho

Please may I use this beautiful pattern?

I have some wonderful Merino from Fly Designs that I will use for this wonderful Free pattern. Thank you so much for posting it!
Maria in WA

Thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern! I have knitted it in a blend of cotton and viscose, from Drops design/Garnstudio.com. Pictures in my blog :-)

Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! I got it via Ravelry (someone who knit it up posted a picture in the yarn pooling thread, and I thought it was just gorgeous).

Thank you for this beautiful pattern! The yarn is absolutely gorgeous!

I love your scarf. I saw it on Ravelry and I'd like to translate it into Portuguese. May I?


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