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May 30, 2020


So sorry to hear of your terrible loss. Your husband was much too young to die. I hope you are getting your life unscrambled since it was turned upside down. I also hope you will resume your wonderful posts.

I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog. My sympathies on the loss of your husband. I do enjoy your Instagram posts also, they always bring me a smile. That being said, giving yourself time to think about what you’d like to do with this space is wise. I just wanted you to know that I appreciated your blog and read it regularly.

I wish you and your family the best during this challenging time.

Hello Christine, experimenting natural dyes i came across your blog. I‘m very sorry about your husband, i also cannot imagine how hard this is. I do wish you strength to go through this loss. And i hope you’re doing well during this awful pandemic. That’s right giving yourself some time to organize your thoughts and feelings, but carrying on doing the beautiful work you do, could help you! Wish you all the best!!!❤️ Meg

You have my deepest sympathies! I can’t imagine the depth of your loss. I hope you’ll be able to reach a new normal someday, and be able to cherish your memories together.

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