Zoku Recipes

  • Chocolate Shell Sauce Recipe
    This recipe uses butter instead of coconut oil. Makes a nice, thick coating that freezes hard.
  • Super Simple Nutella Ice Cream
    This one did NOT work. Was too thick and would not stick to the zoku sticks. Had to eat it out of the pop maker with a spoon (couldn't let it go to waste)!
  • SunRype Juice
    100% juice juiceboxes make great, easy pops. Use two different flavours to make stripes.
  • Lucerne 2% Chocolate Milk
    Easiest pops ever and tastes just like a fudgsicle! Even better if dipped in homemade magic shell sauce.
  • Lemon Buttermilk Sorbet
    This takes a bit of prep but is amazing in the Zoku. The lemon and buttermilk combo is delicious. Can add thin slices of lemon to the side. Recipe makes enough for about 12 pops total.
  • Chocolate Pudding Pops
    This recipe makes a thin chocolate pudding that works great in the Zoku. Be careful pouring it in as it will fill one side before the other. Makes enough for 12 pops (done over 2 nights). The pudding is very sweet but once frozen tastes just right.

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May 17, 2004


I did wash and dry this sweater in the dryer before giving it to my sister. It came out looking exactly as it did before, with absolutely no shrinkage. I still can't report on multiple washings, though the care instructions claim you can wash and dry it regularly.

I'm wondering if after a few washings it may get a tad fuzzy as the cotton "blooms". In my opinion that would only improve things.

It is a very soft and almost silky feeling yarn. Would be very comfy for a head covering or cap, and not too hot.

I wonder how this TLC washes and wears?
Does it hold its shape through w & w? I am looking for something suitable for chemo caps for folks with "no hair days". Regular worsted weight is fine for skateboarders but a bit harsh for sensitive bald heads. At least, the cancer patients. Please advise. jane
P.S. Darling baby sweater! love your fish too!

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