Zoku Recipes

  • Chocolate Shell Sauce Recipe
    This recipe uses butter instead of coconut oil. Makes a nice, thick coating that freezes hard.
  • Super Simple Nutella Ice Cream
    This one did NOT work. Was too thick and would not stick to the zoku sticks. Had to eat it out of the pop maker with a spoon (couldn't let it go to waste)!
  • SunRype Juice
    100% juice juiceboxes make great, easy pops. Use two different flavours to make stripes.
  • Lucerne 2% Chocolate Milk
    Easiest pops ever and tastes just like a fudgsicle! Even better if dipped in homemade magic shell sauce.
  • Lemon Buttermilk Sorbet
    This takes a bit of prep but is amazing in the Zoku. The lemon and buttermilk combo is delicious. Can add thin slices of lemon to the side. Recipe makes enough for about 12 pops total.
  • Chocolate Pudding Pops
    This recipe makes a thin chocolate pudding that works great in the Zoku. Be careful pouring it in as it will fill one side before the other. Makes enough for 12 pops (done over 2 nights). The pudding is very sweet but once frozen tastes just right.


Has anyone made a tutorial or video for making this? I Gould be very interest in using it to make this scarf....

Has anyone translated this to a knitting loom? I'm having the same issue with running out of stitches (pegs).

I love this pattern. I've made it up in a variegated sock wool, and now would like to make it into a stoll for my daughter who accompanies her husband to dressy evening events in Florida where the air conditioning can be downright cold.. How many iterations do you think i should cast on, and have you a yarn you would recommend? She is thinking a sort of slippy gold yarn. maybe bamboo or silk?

Hi Betty, The asterisk usually sets apart something that you will be repeating. There is a good explanation on this page that should help you: http://www.knittingonthenet.com/learn/understandpatterns.htm

I love this pattern and can't wait to try it. I'm new to knitting and I kind of don't understand what the * mean before the YO or on there own **. Can someone please explain what they are for/mean?

Merci beaucoup ! C'est très beau .

Hello, I discovered this post recently. I love this pattern so much that I left my hook and went back to my knitting needles again.

You can see the beginning of my work here : http://creativ-idees.over-blog.com/article-tricot-test-d-un-point-de-vagues-111815063.html

Many thanks again !

Thanks so much, Christine! I tore it out and am currently meditating on the benefits of trying again. :) I am using Noro Taiyo yarn and wonder if that is just the wrong texture. I am also a tight knitter so I think I might go up two sizes and try again with size 10. This is such a gorgeous scarf, especially with the long-repeat variegated yarns. I will give it another try!

Hi Sarah - this scarf can look pretty strange at first. The dropped stitches don't stretch out by themselves at first and look kind of crumpled and messy. I like to really pull the knitting downwards to stretch it out as I go along, and get an idea of how it will look once finished. It does stretch a lot vertically once you block it and wear it. As for the slipped stitch edge, many people have done just what you suggest, and really like it. Go for it!

It's a very beautiful pattern. Thanks for sharing it!

I love this pattern. I am new to knitting---just a handful of ruffle scarves and a rib knit scarf under my belt. I found some yarn at a local shop yesterday and started working on it. It took a few tries to get the YOs right. Too tight the first couple of times. I know that the first few inches of a scarf never looks right but mine looks a little funky. I do have what looks like a dropped stitch in the knit row but my stitch count is right. Will the look improve as it goes on? Right now there is a lot of curling. If I do another, is it possible to slip stitch for braided edges by adding the two stitches to the pattern?

Has any one made this scarf in in sock weight yarm How many stitches and what size needles

Here's a detailed description of the tricky rows that might help some of you out:

Row 1:

There are 26 stitches on your needle as you start Row 1. Here's how they are used ("K" is a plain knit stitch, where you are knitting into one of those 26 stitches on your needle, and "O" is a yarn over, which makes a newly created stitch. "K6" is shorthand for knitting 6 stitches):


If you count those Ks, there are just 26 of them. You have also made 18 new stitches with the yarnovers, so you should have 44 stitches on your needle after this row.

Row 5:

Row 5 is slightly different from Row 1. There should still be 26 stitches on your needle as you start Row 5, since you got rid of all those extra yarn overs in Row 2 and are back to your original 26 stitches.

Row 5 goes like this (again, K is a knit stitch, O is a yarnover):


Note that you begin and end this row with a Knit 1, not a Knit 6 like in Row 1. If you count the Ks, there are just 26 of them. You have done three YO repeats, buffered with a K1 on each end instead of the K6 you did in Row 2. You should have 44 stitches on your needle at the end of this row as well.

On the next row you will drop those yarnovers, which will create the elongated stitches that make the seafoam pattern.

I hope that helps you all! If you still have trouble, feel free to email me at frazzledknits AT gmail.com

I'm having the same problem as Marjorie. I have one leftover stitch on the first row of the pattern. The stitch count only comes out to 25 stitches. If I only cast on 25 then the 5th row doesnt work. What do I do with the extra stitch?

Doris -- I am not sure where you read about using 16 stitches and "moving over" to make the wave. It's not in the pattern. This stitch pattern will definitely stretch out lengthwise no matter what yarn you use - that's just the nature of the seafoam stitch. If you want the scarf to be a certain length, just make sure you stretch it out a bit when you measure your knitting, or simply knit it shorter than you think it should be.

Hi Marjorie, the repeats should fit. How many stitches do you have left over after the first repeat on Row 1 of the pattern?

HELP!! i am confused.

I can't repeat twice in the first row.

or three times on the 5 row. if i co 26 stiches.

I will be using Berocco Bonsai Bamboo to make this scarf. You say you only used 16 stitches and "moved over" to make the wave.
Exactly what do you mean by that? Do you find that the scarf grows using the bamboo?
I thought maybe it wouldn't with this pattern.

Hi Renee - the copyright covers my scarf pattern, not the stitch pattern. My pattern uses a variation of seafoam stitch, which is indeed an old drop stitch pattern that has been around forever. Almost all knitting patterns in the world are made of some form of stitch pattern that has been done before! I chose to use it for a scarf, and I spent a lot of time working out the number of stitches, repeats, yarnovers, and garter stitch rows to look particularly effective with variegated yarn, and to make a scarf of useful size. That exact combination came out of my own head, and I shared it openly by offering it as a free pattern on my blog. In my copyright, I simply asked that people not profit from what I am offering for free. Most people are very respectful of that copyright, which is pretty standard in the knitting world, and I have been thrilled to see how many scarves have been knitted from the pattern I came up with all those years ago, and the other matching seafoam projects that knitters have invented to go along with my scarf!

You do know that you can't prevent anyone from selling products made from this pattern? It's a stitch that can be found in any pattern book and you don't have the power to prevent people from selling their work.

Hi Kayla! You are absolutely correct: just wrap it around the needle once or twice more than usual. This link has photo and explanation that might help you visualize it: http://www.knitting-and.com/wiki/Yarn_Over#Working_multiple_yarn_overs

So I'm new to knitting and I would like to try this pattern but I'm a little confused about the yarn overs. How do you do more than one? Do you just wrap the yarn around the needle or is it more complicated than that?

Hi Jennifer - sorry for the delay. I was on vacation. Does this direct link help at all?
Another place you can try is the Ravelry page:

Thank you so much for this pattern, I have knit many for friends and everyone treasures it. One of my friends in a food store had a stranger (female) actually grab her scarf when she had it on, then get paper and pen and started writing the pattern out. They both love the pattern, you certainly outdid yourself.
I didn't think I could do lace but after trying and trying I suceeded with this one. I am thrilled with myself too.

I cant download the pdf any idea why?

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